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NEA BIG READ: PENSACOLA FEATURED POET | MELROSE POETRY 12/15/2020 Firewater All top hats and class, like the gentleman who knows how to throw you against a wall; Words so cordial but hand him a guitar and everything comes unhinged; Leaving you hallucinating on that beautiful scream; He’s never less than firewater; Pure fire water; …
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Behind the Scenes: Virtual Artist Talk with Poppy Garcia

4/18/2020 I was kind of thinking we would just set up some lawn chairs in my backyard with a webcam and our phones and make it super casual.  – Richard Rodriguez, Exhibition Designer This is how we approached our first virtual artist talk since the COVID-19 mandatory museum closure because, well, why not? We were …
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How do we bring our museum into our visitor’s homes?

4/11/2020 That’s the question that has been motivating the Pensacola Museum of Art team for the last three weeks. So much of the museum experience is based on interaction, physical exploration, creative immersion and self-guided learning. With brand new exhibits and educational programs scheduled during our shutdown, we’ve been discussing what it means to be …
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