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The Members Show 2020


Exhibition overview

The community of Northwest Florida has been the driving force behind the Pensacola Museum of Art since our founding in 1954. Local arts advocates transformed the old city jail into a community arts center, creating an accessible, welcoming space for residents to engage with dynamic exhibitions and develop their artistic practice. Our founders introduced The Members Show during the new art center’s first year as a way to honor and celebrate the relationship between local artists and the institution. 66 years later, artists remain a vital part of our museum community. The range of artwork in this year’s exhibition reflects the diversity of our supporters and the immense creativity in the region.

Featured artists
  • ​Anne Baehr
  • Autry Dye
  • Carrie Fonder
  • Cheryl Fox
  • Chloe Fox-Edele
  • Christine Commeau
  • Christine Salomé
  • Connie Wendleton
  • Crystal Ryan
  • Donald Manderson
  • Dottie King
  • Gabe Pellerin
  • Geza Brunow
  • Haley Etheridge
  • Hana Frenette
  • Jeremy Strength
  • Jimmy Rhea
  • Joan Overton
  • John Fitzgerald
  • Jonathan Kattine
  • Judith Oldenburg
  • Julie Plasketes
  • Kathi Gordon
  • Kimberly Joy Sorrie
  • Laura Hydle
  • Lawrence Lazare
  • Linda Kernick
  • Linda Sawyer
  • Lindsay Keeling
  • Lindsey Hampton
  • Lynn Waters
  • Mara Viksnins
  • Marie Johnna
  • Mark Essert
  • Michael Fagan
  • Michael Smith
  • Michelle Ruschman
  • Patricia O'Neal
  • Racheal Homack
  • Rafferty Ashley
  • Randall Morris
  • Rebecca Riggs
  • Ruth Gordon
  • Sean Bush
  • Suzanne Robbert
  • Tami Waters
  • Vickie Fitzgerald
  • William Donahue
  • Yvonne Christine
  • Ziba Rajabi