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Selections From the Permanent Collection

October 20 -

October 31, 2024

Exhibition overview

The Pensacola Museum of Art stewards a growing collection of modern and contemporary art. This exhibit highlights work made during the late 19th century and early 20th century when globalization and industrialization prompted a period of immense artistic experimentation and production.


On display are lithographs by Toulouse -Lautrec and Jules Chéret, as well as glassworks from the French studios of Gallé and Baccarat. The term Art Nouveau is commonly used to describe this style of work and these artists were known to share an appreciation of the natural world, a rejection of traditionalism, and a desire to unite the fine and applied arts.


As a museum in the public trust, our collection is an important community resource for research, scholarship, and artistic inspiration. We continue to grow our holdings through generous gifts and strategic purchases that allow us to tell a more complete story of the history of art.