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Love Letters to Ursa Major

March 8 -

May 25, 2024

Exhibition overview
Love Letters to Ursa Major:
A Multimedia Meditation on Environmental Reciprocity
Solo Exhibition by Kelly Anne Mueller


Love Letters to Ursa Major is a reflection on our relationship with the living earth and its inhabitants as we evolve as a species. Like any relationship, for it to thrive necessitates a delicate balance.


Even a wounded world holds us, giving us moments of wonder and joy….joy is what the earth gives me daily and I must return the gift. 

Robin Wall Kimmerer


Kelly Anne Mueller is an artist, collaborator, and educator whose focus on the interrelationship between organism and environment, science, and art, positions her as a visual deep ecologist. Deeply interested in the patterning relationships of the natural and man-made, Kelly’s multidisciplinary projects explore the tenuous space between natural laws of reciprocity and interconnectedness, the systems and cycles of nature, and the artificial, imposed order of human experience.


Mueller has been included in exhibitions nationally and internationally, including Tiger Strikes Asteroid (LA), Feral (Mexico City), Scope NY, Miami Art Fair, Box 13 (Houston), Jonathan Ferrara (New Orleans), Little Berlin (Philadelphia), Pensacola Museum of Art (Florida), Three Walls (Chicago), and New Orleans Museum of Art. She was awarded Best of Show in 2023 as part of our 69th annual PMA Members Show. Kelly Anne Mueller has a solo exhibition upstairs while our 70th PMA Members Show is on view through May 25, 2024. She also served as the juror for this year’s Members Show.