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Gesche Würfel: What Remains of the Day

December 14 -

March 17

Exhibition overview

What Remains of the Day features the work of contemporary artist Gesche Würfel and explores the history and memory of World War II through landscape photography and portraiture. Uniquely, this exhibition will feature oral histories recorded by the artist in Europe of people who have survived the Holocaust and World War II. According to the artist, “I was born and raised in Germany, so I have a personal relationship to the aftermath of WWII and my family’s involvement in the war. I now live in the U.S., which enables me to view my home country through a different lens. With this exhibition, I aim to create a bridge between the past and the present. The interplay of words from the survivors coupled with their portraits and images of historical sites are important for my project because it offers multiple interwoven perspectives.” Ms. Würfel is a recognized contemporary artist who teaches at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. She has exhibited at the Contemporary Art Museum (CAM) in Raleigh, North Carolina, and at the International Center for Photography (ICP) in New York City to name a few. The PMA will be the first museum to show this body of work.