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We Are Not A Movement, We Are Motion Itself.

October 1 -

January 2, 2022

Exhibition overview

Using source material from the 309 Archives, AnArchivist transforms linear time into a cyclical dimension with the announcement of a new beginning… while also celebrating the 20th anniversary of the 8-week Zine Challenge of 2001 and the playful/poetic/participatory aesthetic of the Pensacola DIY scene. The reign of the minus is over… long live poetry and positive energy!


309 Zine Challenge

You are hereby challenged to a zine feud!

The only losers are those who don’t participate!


DEADLINE : 8 weeks 11/26/2021


Minimum page count :16
Minimum print run: 15
No reprints!


Send or deliver at least one copy of your zine before 6PM on November 26 to:
309 N. 6th Avenue
Pensacola, FL 32501


The submitted copy will be donated to the 309 Archive and will be exhibited in the 2021 ZINE CHALLENGE installation.