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December 16 -

April 9

Exhibition overview

The STEAM Exhibition is a community-centered, educational experience engaging contemporary art with science and new technologies. Artwork on display investigates concepts related to the environment, biology, digital interfaces, and speculative fictions/imagined futures. Exhibiting artists challenge narratives of human and non-human ecologies, more-than-human relations and entangled response-abilities, as well as offer exciting insights into transdisciplinary processes.


The main focus of the exhibition centers around the idea of ecosystems as a metaphor for critical thought. Ecology can be described as a method of determining natural or biological inter-dependencies and cooperations. In the greater sense, we can apply that notion as a systems mapping strategy to also describe the anthropological, geopolitical, urban planning, and countless others as organizational domains to evaluate and understand our relationship as a part of the ecosystem. In this way, we can apply the idea of an “ecosystem” as a concept for mapping and predicting the interdependencies and the co-mutualisms of any group of actors.


STEAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics​; it is​ used to ​describe and ​promote collaborations within the humanities and sciences. The UWF STEAM exhibitions started in 2014 and have returned as a wide-ranging triennial of programming that intensely explores interdisciplinary work between multiple fields of study. 


Featured Artists:

Michael Beach

David Fries

Tyler Fox

Aly Ogasian

Claudia O’Steen 

Eniko Ujj

Featured works