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Teen/Adult Workshop: Turmeric Anthotypes

October 14, 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm

Enjoy the afternoon learning about anthotypes and how to create your own using turmeric! An anthotype is an image created using photosensitive material from plants. This process was originally invented by Mary Somerville in 1842. An emulsion is made from crushed flower petals or any other light-sensitive plant, fruit or vegetable. This workshop will focus specifically on Turmeric Anthotypes. Sheets of paper are coated with emulsion, dried, then materials, objects, or photographic negatives are placed on the surface and exposed to direct, full sunlight until the image is bleached out by the sun. The color or image remains in the shadowed parts. 


Please Note: Students will create one anthotype emulsion in class and will learn how to complete the development process at home. Students will be emailed one week before the workshop begins to provide an image of their choice used during the workshop. Late registrants can select from several example images. No previous experience is necessary; pre-registration is required and all materials and supplies are included.


If you haven’t seen it yet, check out Yvonne Christine’s artwork in the Depth of Field exhibition currently on view at the PMA through October 22nd, 2023.


About the Instructor:

Yvonne Christine is an instructor at the University of West Florida with an MFA in Creative Technologies and Practice. Her studio practice is multidisciplinary and spans interest in materiality and processes inherent to the act of making. Crafting connections between ceramics, sculpture, drawing, and photography, Yvonne’s work explores the ideas of nature and ancestral memory through site-specific installations.


$45 PMA members, $50 regular price.

Early Bird Discount – Register before October 1st to receive $5.00 off!

What to bring

All materials and supplies are included; however, students are encouraged to email an image of your choice to be used during the workshop. We will also have several example images available.


Email images and/or any questions to Caitlin at: 


This workshop involves using materials that stain, so please don’t wear anything you can’t get dirty!


This workshop is designed for teens and adults. No previous experience is necessary to participate in this workshop!