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Open Studio: Sarah Hummel Jones

Step into the PMA Art Studio and unleash your creativity! Participants are invited to join us for Open Studio between 11:00 and 12:30 to explore and experiment with a variety of media and art forms inspired by artists and movements. Each project is suitable for all ages and abilities. An Art Educator will be on site to provide assistance with using tools and the creation of individual art. Occurs on the second and fourth Saturday’s of the month.


August 28: This week we are inspired by Sarah Hummel Jones, American artist who uses a lexicon steeped in blipster (black hipster) culture and junk food to subtly code conversations about status and class in her ceramic-based work. She layers form, material, color, and texture to create expansive installations that become a pick and mix of multiples, composed with colorfully glazed gas station donuts, pizza slices, and chocolate chip cookies. Participants will use polymer clay to create simplified and idealized food sculptures similar to those in her piece, “Cry On Demand” currently on view in A Dead Reckoning on our second floor.


$12 for adults, and $10 for children under 13. Includes Museum Admission!