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A Dead Reckoning: Navigating Contemporary Ceramics

May 8 -

September 12

Exhibition overview

Dead Reckoning is a navigational term to determine the current position, or fix, of a moving object or form by relying on known previous movements and locations of that object. Ceramics is an art form currently moving in all directions: ceramicists are exploring novel technologies such as 3D printing, while also re-imagining traditional techniques of shaping clay such as solid-forming and coil-building. Where is the field of American ceramic art going? A Dead Reckoning invites viewers to consider this question by including work by artists addressing a range of issues and clay processes that look to monumental scale, nature, consumerism, politics, personal relationships and history. While all of these works are moving in their own direction, they share one guiding fix: clay.


Curated by Adam Shiverdecker

Featured works