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ANTARCTICA: Seasons of Water and Ice

January 1 -

April 4

Exhibition overview

This exhibition is a selection of photographs and research by oceanographer Dr. Wade Jeffrey. The artwork on display was created during two oceanographic research trips to western Antarctica during 2019. The images from these expeditions present a contrast between the long days of summer and very short days of winter. The photographs show some of the diversity of Antarctic vistas, from gray to blue skies, and open water to icebergs and sea ice. The main focus of Dr. Jeffrey’s research on these trips was examining a unique group of single cell plankton called mixotrophs that can live and grow like both plants and animals.


Dr. Jeffrey has always been attracted to the outdoors, especially environments associated with water. “The best of these,” he says, “are when the water intersects with something else, whether its land, snow, ice, or mountains.” As an oceanographer and biologist, Jeffrey has worked in regions that stretch from the Arctic to Antarctic, The Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas, and the Chilean Atacama Desert.

Featured works